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I remain curious. Deeply curious.

Are you among those who have acknowledged that Social Media is here to stay, will continue to offer diverse and dizzying options and must be embraced sooner than later?

And are you willing to take on learning what you need to be in the game?

Tuning into the 140TC the Twitter Conference in Los Angeles these past few days to catch some live media streams of panels, I was “struck” by several important and potent observations and thoughts by up and coming Social Media personalities and well known names championing Twitter in particular.

1. The technology and tool that Social Media is, IS emerging and will be for some time. Great ideas continue to be developed and offered, to the point, that it could easily be overwhelming to some. I have a client with a low threshhold for new information so we take one bit at a time. The point is she has her toe in the water.

*Are you one those who is not an early adopter and don’t quite get why it’s such a big deal already?
*Who do you personally know who could mentor you? Start here for your own well-being.

2. The sky is the limit…and there is a wealth of creativity and intelligence being accessed as new companies bloom and launch and become known virally at break neck speed.

*What is on your Social Media wishlist?
*Ask and you may receive or find out it exists!

3. Maintain existing technology and strategies: these are worth keeping part of the strategic plan. And as people transition from “more traditional” email campaigns, e-newsletters and forums and Yahoo groups, adding Social Media to the Big Plan is important too. Remember when auto-responders and email marketing was new? And you mastered that in time right?

And, if it feels overwhelming, and small transitional steps are more realistic, consider seeking the assistance and support of a colleague who is in sync and adopting early. Or reach out for some support from an evangelist that resonates with you.

One network at a time and a dose of consistency as you authentically share your self can have an impact. And if you don’t let it be known what you are up to and what you care about HOW CAN WE FIND YOU?

You may be the next best solution someone needs; someone who needs to be aware of YOU. Let’s get you started with being found.


Reprinted with permission and originally published by Krysta Gibson September 21, 2009

When you think of your business, what sort of thoughts are you thinking? Do you bless your business or do you curse it? “Of course I bless it,” I hear you thinking. But, do you? Do you consciously bless your business every day and whenever you think of it during the day?

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the daily operations of what we do that we don’t even realize we are not blessing our business. Worry does not bless. Being upset does not bless. Boredom does not bless. Unconscious busyness does not bless.

Take a few minutes at the beginning of your work day and consciously bless your business and every aspect of it. If you have a retail store, take a few moments to walk around, look at your stock, and send it blessings. If you are a counselor, healer, or bodyworker, take a few moments to look at the chair or table your clients use and bless them. Look at your own chair and desk and computer, phone, iPod – whatever items you use in your business, and bless them. If you advertise your business, take a few moments to bless your ads and ask that they attract the right people for you.

Ask that anyone who contacts your business be blessed, that happiness, joy, and prosperity flow to them and through them. Ask that you be led to provide the service you are here to give and that those who need what you have to offer will find you easily and effortlessly.

Taking a few moments to do this puts you in a balanced and receptive frame of mind and it shows your business that you are a willing partner in your own success.

If you’re in Seattle Wednesday, drop in and say hello when I’m at East West Bookshop – I’d love to see you!

Have a fabulous week!

Krysta Gibson
Flowing River Consulting

Krysta Gibson is an author and speaker and the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal. She has been on her spiritual path her entire life and brings an eclectic blend of experiences and ideas to her consulting work.

I am by profession, a Marketing Specialist and in particular a student of Enrollment. In other words I am a Watcher, who Listens, a Reader who takes notes and bookmarks notable websites and their authors. And I probably subscribe to far too many newsletters and feeds, but I do it, for it serves me, as it also impacts my productivity some days (grin…)…like today.

And the point is this research (I am always doing), allows me to serve my clients and colleagues, as I am on the look out for the trends that work, and the great wisdom circulating the ethers, the internet and the blogosphere.

Thanks to Facebook and a friendly common denominator I came to connect with Krysta Gibson and have the good fortune to commence a working relationship with the New Spirit Journal and The Washington Holistic Chamber of Commerce . Week after week Krysta Gibson offers thoughtful reflective and down right practical wisdom on business and the spiritual nature of business. I asked for permission to post her latest column, fresh in my Inbox and she graciously said yes, I’d be honored.

Why reinvent the wheel when making others aware that the wheel exists is a simple elegant solution? And being an advocate for great advice (for life at large and business) and sharing it with others is what I do as naturally as breathing. To pass along wisdom is fun and rewarding.

I took a moment to honor and bless my workspace and found a new energy to commence projects for the day. Thanks Krysta for the reminder of what is not always obvious and easily forgotten as it exists before your very eyes. I’ll take as many reminders as I am offered to reconnect with gratitude and presence while I am working in service to my clients.

Deborah – Catalyst and Enrollment Specialist

I’m curious. I truly am. Are you on board yet or are you still waiting till you feel comfortable?

With all the advice being given by self-proclaimed SEO and Social Media experts, are you clear on the basics of how to get started with Social Media and what to do to “organically” and in a manageable and sustainable manner attract the attention you want and need and desire?

I am a “gently vocal” advocate for people embracing Social Media and being consistent in their participation on chosen Social Networks. And there are more than enough options to be affiliated with: from the Facebook’s to more specialty networks created through user-friendly apps like Ning. Perhaps there are seemingly already, too many? And the abundance of choices makes it daunting to dive in?

Does Facebook scare you? But you know you best get on board at some point? Perhaps you promise yourself, you will once your website is just how you want it? Or your Blog is populated with hearty content?

May I suggest taking baby steps. Make them as small as you need to. Don’t post personal material if you prefer, but once your personal page exists, well set up that Fan Page for your business and do some authentic posting, catalyze some discussions, and pay forward the good work and posts of others because it is the FUN and right thing to do.

It was quoted in a teleclass offered by Julia Stege of Graphic Girlz: Creative Marketing Solutions, that 87% of marketers are using Social Media but only 60% began in the last few months. And the average amount of time spent on Facebook by a user was 20 minutes a day. There is still time to be an early adopter! Ask a friend to help you get established and oriented at the very least. And yes, these are all simply suggestions, but I wholeheartedly advocate what has been good for me personally and of late my marketing business.

Imagine that you have a collection of buckets before you. These buckets represent your core revenue channels and you’ve determined what percentage of your annual income you want to come from each “bucket.” So it follows that each bucket deserves the time it requires to be producing the results and the revenue you strive for.

For example, if you are keen to have your products found and purchased, be it books, CDs, downloads etc, marketing effort and energy must be directed intentionally toward promoting “your products.” And therefore time must also be appropriately devoted to services offered, events, classes and any other designated “bucket.” And with consistent, intentional attention your “buckets” will be brimming with desired results. And, thank you Nancy Juetten of Main Street Media Savvy for sharing your metaphor for your success.

So let’s apply this notion to your marketing plan: again what are the “buckets” you are willing to pay attention to with consistency and heart?

Okay, so you don’t quite have the obsessive passion for blogging like some and Social Media intimidates you a little, but ask yourself if you can’t be found easily, or found at all…?

A quick and important aside on my belief about business and abundance: there are always more than enough clients for all those offering services and products. You are someone’s desired service provider, teacher, school, author, speaker, artist, and so on. Recession is a state of mind we agree to.

For years my mantra: “Speak well of yourself, for your deep mind is always listening” has been posted in my workspace as a constant reminder, I choose my state of being.

I am but one of many evangelists encouraging every person in business I know to be present in Social Media outlets and be consistent in your way. The bright and squeaky wheels get the grease don’t they? Not all of us will post daily. But can you at least commit to bi-weekly or weekly?

CASE IN POINT: A client I have been supporting for three years with enrollment and registration and marketing support agreed recently to create a Facebook profile as well as a business page. And she admitted it was not something she was comfortable with but she trusted my gentle insistence. Thank you!

Three weeks later and a dozen posts or so, she declared in a weekly call we have, “I like this Facebook thing.” She had reconnected with dozens of friends, some colleagues and attracted some new followers.

She was having FUN with it as much as we were using it to share business news. We aren’t concerned with attracting a multitude of followers overnight, but we are interested in building a community in conversation that shows up and takes note of upcoming trainings and support calls. And feels like sharing worthwhile offerings with people they really know.

I find Social Media fun to engage in most often daily. I love spreading good news and inspiration and practicing random acts of kindness for my growing Facebook clan. What I used to do via email and personalized invitations to friend’s and client’s events, I now can do more broadly but just as personally.

If you are shy about getting started because technology unnerves you, I just know there is someone more than willing to jump start you and give you an easy tutorial. And when you see that it can be fun to instantly share great news with your whole group in a single post, I bet you become a Fan too!

May we all be blessed with courage and gumption and enthusiasm when we most need it, so that we can be found and engaged by those who need us.