Social Media and CRM: Best Practices reveal…

Posted: September 24, 2009 in marketing, Sales and Promotion, Social Media

I remain curious. Deeply curious.

Are you among those who have acknowledged that Social Media is here to stay, will continue to offer diverse and dizzying options and must be embraced sooner than later?

And are you willing to take on learning what you need to be in the game?

Tuning into the 140TC the Twitter Conference in Los Angeles these past few days to catch some live media streams of panels, I was “struck” by several important and potent observations and thoughts by up and coming Social Media personalities and well known names championing Twitter in particular.

1. The technology and tool that Social Media is, IS emerging and will be for some time. Great ideas continue to be developed and offered, to the point, that it could easily be overwhelming to some. I have a client with a low threshhold for new information so we take one bit at a time. The point is she has her toe in the water.

*Are you one those who is not an early adopter and don’t quite get why it’s such a big deal already?
*Who do you personally know who could mentor you? Start here for your own well-being.

2. The sky is the limit…and there is a wealth of creativity and intelligence being accessed as new companies bloom and launch and become known virally at break neck speed.

*What is on your Social Media wishlist?
*Ask and you may receive or find out it exists!

3. Maintain existing technology and strategies: these are worth keeping part of the strategic plan. And as people transition from “more traditional” email campaigns, e-newsletters and forums and Yahoo groups, adding Social Media to the Big Plan is important too. Remember when auto-responders and email marketing was new? And you mastered that in time right?

And, if it feels overwhelming, and small transitional steps are more realistic, consider seeking the assistance and support of a colleague who is in sync and adopting early. Or reach out for some support from an evangelist that resonates with you.

One network at a time and a dose of consistency as you authentically share your self can have an impact. And if you don’t let it be known what you are up to and what you care about HOW CAN WE FIND YOU?

You may be the next best solution someone needs; someone who needs to be aware of YOU. Let’s get you started with being found.


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