Today's Reason I LOVE Facebook

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Core Values, Social Media

Today marks the second time someone found my posts and my profile compelling and reached out to connect after “reading up” on me and what I care about. I have been mighty transparent too, for that is how I like to be.

I’m thinking, wow, this social media channel works wonders.

And today marks the second time that next round of dialogue took place off line, by way of some nearly old-fashioned technology. Yes, we spoke on the phone. And it was a rich and satisfying conversation with a promise of follow up and some collaborating.

You know what I like better than people’s photos and posts and comments and quips and quiz results? The sound of their voice in an interactive and real-time dialogue. Filled with fresh energy as ideas are lobbed back and forth and again. Or better still the satisfaction of beginning a dialogue, and making a plan to further connect.

Technology aside for a moment, I experienced Facebook today as an unknowing professional matchmaker.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or (Fill In The Blank): pick your bridge and cross over to meet up with that fine new colleague and fellow travellers.


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