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“Blogs are part of a social network where the generous thrive.” (p. 9 inBlogging Best Practices).

How many social media enthusiasts who say blogging is critical will it take to convince you? For as many bloggers as there are, there are just as many who choose not to participate in blogging or do so haphazardly, at best.

As one who compassionately counsels both clients and friends on all things marketing and the value of integrating social media elements such as blogs, I like what Andy Wibbels and Peter Flaschner, hosts ofBusinessBlogBasics seminars, suggest: “Everybody who is anybody in business is blogging. Shouldn’t you?”

Let us assume that you admit you should be blogging and have established a blog that – once set up with an appealing design and a few bells and whistles – is surprisingly easy to maintain. Now what?