Krysta Gibson’s Perspective: Can Social Media Grow Your Business?

Posted: June 15, 2010 in marketing, Sales and Promotion, Social Media
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A Note from Deborah:

I believe, I have many things in common with Krysta Gibson, who these days publishes the New Spirit Journal and consults on publishing and businesss and more. And as a happy subscriber to her newsletter, I was struck by this recent “essay” and offering. And thank you Krysta for granting me the go ahead to post to my blog; the place I evangelize about Authentic Writing and My Personal Marketing Manifesto (yes, I have one!)

First and foremost I love Effective Communication that furthers Human Relations. I love reading, writing, speaking, writing, communicating ideas in what ever “language” is your natural form of expression. And I champion people in business and in life confidently expressing themselves be it for their business or their relationships, in the name of having a Purposeful Life Experience, while of this Earth.

Social Media Technology is definitely a favorite ingredient in my daily life. For ever curious me, it allows me to seek or to be found and connect with new and exciting people, products, events, and information. It’s a tool. It’s a way relationships of all kinds can begin between people who might become friends or peers or partners or supporters, advocates, and heck maybe even customers!

This recent piece by Krysta Gibson, mirrors my thoughts, beliefs and reactions to this “new paradigm” evolving technology called Social Media: in how we connect, communicate, relate, market, and show up. Fact is all media is social but the social networks that exist today allow for multi-layered communication with people we know or those we want to reach out to. I have “friended” Social Media as the tool it can be. And it is a supportive friend in my experience of it, perhaps for how I use it myself and encourage others to.

For those readers who are under the impression doing Social Media is time intensive or in some way costly, it need not be. Like all new things we are exposed to, the trick is to gain awareness, understanding, integrate it in a way that is beneficial for our intentions and goals.

Thanks Krysta for allowing me to share your perspective! I second all you suggest!

That’s all the buzz right now isn’t it? I get emails every day promising me I can grow my business exponentially if only I use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc… and the sender is willing to teach me how for $97.

Some say social media is the wave that can carry us to the promised land of new clients, success, and over-the-top income. Is it?

Here’s what I say to people when they ask me about social media and their business.

Social media is a form of marketing. It’s not a magic bullet. It’s a tool to be used just like any other marketing tool. There are people who use social media with great success. There are other people who have very successful businesses who don’t tweet and who don’t have Facebook pages. What’s true for you?

Here are a few tips about social media.
It’s critical that you have a marketing plan that is based on the sort of clients or business you want to attract. Then it is easy to ask: do these people use social media? If so, having it as part of your plan could be a good idea. Explore it further. If they don’t, you are probably better off with more traditional marketing techniques that will reach your target audience.
Are you comfortable using the internet? Do you like the idea of sharing yourself on Facebook or Twitter? Does it sound like fun to you or will you resent doing it? If you can’t find a way to enjoy using social media, that is likely to come through and probably won’t do you much good. You can always hire someone to do your posting for you. Then you have to ask whether or not the real you will be represented.

If all you do is sell yourself using social media, people will feel this and it won’t work for you. It is like people who give free classes or teleseminars and you know the only reason they do it is to sell you their other materials. You feel cheated and little dirty when the call is over. This is different from offering a class or teleseminar because you really want to share the information.

No matter what you do, you must do it often enough and long enough for it to work. Whether you’re doing Facebook, tweeting, emails, posting flyers, or networking at meetings, if you only do it sporadically, it can’t give you the returns you want. It’s like drilling for water: you have to do it in the same place long enough for you to find water. If you keep pulling up your drill and moving it around, you can’t go deep enough for it to work. This applies to all forms of marketing, including social media.

It isn’t true that everyone is on the internet. Daily, I hear from people who check their email once a week (if they even have email), rarely read anything online, don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want to have one. There are people who still want to meet you in person, want to hold a book or newspaper in their hands while they read it, and who find value in many things not connected to the internet. If you aren’t comfortable with internet marketing, use the tried and true methods and find the clients and customers who feel the same way you do.

If you enjoy the internet, go for it and get involved in social media – have fun with it, enjoy it. Just remember: it is a tool and not an end in itself!

Wishing you all green lights as you give your gifts to the planet!

Blessings and love,

Krysta Gibson
New Spirit Journal


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