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Your BELIEFS become your THOUGHTS;
Your THOUGHTS become your WORDS;
Your WORDS become your ACTIONS;
Your ACTIONS become your HABITS;
Your HABITS become your VALUES;
Your VALUES become your DESTINY.

Please consider this as a formula for success for your writing as well! To write with these principles in the background, the foreground and in the very ground your writing emerges from.  How could it not provoke a reader to speak up, reach out, make contact, and engage you if so compelled?


This is a blog devoted to Effective Communication and Authentic Marketing Strategies.

I believe that Authentic Communication provokes readers into action.

Self-expression is something we did as children and for as long as we were not silenced. So now we get to relearn how to write and speak like ourselves.

What stops you from saying what you really want to say? About your professional services, your business, your most important creative aspirations?

I enjoy helping those who desire to write, publish, and market themselves but resist doing so Authentically, Boldly, and Consistently. (ABC’s in my book!)

May you come to the place you look forward to sharing yourself through writing or self-expression through other mediums for pleasure and/or profit.