Resistance: It really doesn’t work

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Core Values, marketing


We were really supposed to leave on Friday before 1pm. Noon was the original plan. Portland was a mere three hour drive.


It would be Saturday 10am before that WONDERFUL drive to Portland for a wedding would get started. And the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland is simply WORSE than I remember. Four fine hours later…


I was determined though, not to let the drive get in the way of my enjoyment. And despite the “bookends” of traffic coming and going on Saturday and Sunday,  I actually kept my word to myself and only enjoyed the wedding and the time with dear friends.

Still wondering why traffic has to be so bad in the south end beyond Seattle…

And what I do know is true (despite the traffic) that I didn’t resist helped in every way.

So where writing is concerned, writing as yourself, do you? Or do you resist being even a little bit yourself?

Do you ever surrender to writing even for a behind the scenes moment, as you at your most authentic self?

The times we experience resistance are great opportunities to take a deeper look at what we’d really like to be sharing.

And I say there are ways we can say even the most provocative of ideas, in palatable ways.

Resistance and Authenticity. Can’t see then occupying the same space for too long.

What would you say if you knew it was okay to say what was on your heart and mind? About your business? Or about your life and the story you left behind for your family? People get when you are being real.

Why not insert a little more you into your writing?

Kind of like salt in a recipe. Add to the point it really flavors the dish you are creating.

  1. Resistance-sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I flow around obstacles like water, always reaching my goal.

  2. Deborah, Inspiring post! One more great example to follow in my quest to become a writer.
    Thank you, Charlie

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