Why I Love Richard Simmons (and how .com changed my life)

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Core Values

God Bless the .com. For the worlds and connections it opens up for us all.

Last night I stumbled upon a site that was promoting a contest,  that I felt compelled to enter…and entering contests is not my thing…but sometimes exceptions are made (smile).

When I write straight from the heart, it feels like my mind chimes in and says, but of course I will support you with easy to read and assimilate ideas…

So last night at just before midnight, thinking this contest was over at midnight, for I was one calendar day ahead, I  wrote without over thinking and thing. What I got had a few typos and needed a bit of clean up. But it came out easily and it felt good to re-read it.

And it’s a TRUE story that is dear to my heart.

God Bless the .com

What occurred on August 18, 1999 forever changed my life. And being laid off has its benefits.

Had I still been working, I wouldn’t have been home to watch the Rosey O’Donnell show, when Richard Simmons, forever the exercise guru, now host of “DreamMaker” , was the “mystery guest.” Once she figured out who she was talking to, he shared he was hosting a new daytime TV show. It was all about making people’s dreams come true. I was expecting my first and only child who would have no grandparents.

And maybe that was why I was stopped in my tracks when I heard what the show was all about.

An internet search led to the site. August 5th I emailed the show. August 13th I got a call from a producer, was interviewed, and they got my story. No promises were made. August 17th 2:45pm I’m gardening in the sunshine. Irene from International Locators of Coral Beach FL calls with a story to share. My birthmother has been found…despite two name changes. She informs me “my mother” is calling me August 18th at 6:30pm. I was floating six inches off the grass. The next day at exactly at 6:30pm, she called.

We talked and talked and talked and 11 years later we are still talking, growing closer than ever. And my daughter has the grandparents I dreamed of for her. And to think these days I get by without a television.

So a .com site was ultimately responsible for my daughter having “grandparents” and for restoring my mother to me after 34 years of not knowing and always wondering. I wonder no more. I know where I came from and we have a family that extends beyond our “nuclearness.”


P.S. (accepting votes from readers for this entry! I’d love to win an award and put it to good use!)

If you were to rattle off a short authentic piece, what would you be sharing?

  1. What a cool story. I was too late to vote, but wanted to thank you for sharing. Life is so much fun because it comes with so many wonderful twists.

  2. Charlie Russell says:

    Fantastic story and a great example of writing from the heart. Inspiring! Thanks you for sharing.

  3. What a great reason to love Richard Simmons. There is nothing like a happy ending story and I'[m very happy for you and your daughter.

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