Cross your “I”s and and Dot your “T’s”

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
  1. Susan says:

    I vote for creative brilliance, the statement being a backwards one to normal, starts you thinking this is backwards and then poof: where is the copy. So you start in the motion of response to say…anything, so there in lies the brilliance. You feel you must respond.

    A brilliant thought to provoke a writing of sorts. Bravo!

    • deborahdrake says:

      Responding to posting my own title before the post itself was fun and made me chuckle.

      My whoops was then made an opportunity. Which begs the question be asked: What about the perfectionist who blogs? What might it take them to relax enough to write quick, edit at a moderate pace and then post while the thought is still hot?

      Remember the phrase of “I spoke to soon.” Imagine those words leaping from your mouth to the keyboard as fast as you can dance across it. Then fix the grammar and typos and context bridges where needed!

      And please give yourself permission to leave a little more of YOU in that next post…your readers will appreciate it, I believe.

      I’m thinking of a title…can you guess it?

  2. itsleisa says:

    Hi Debra – Rita Zohav said we should connect. I would love to. My blog is and I am on twitter @itsleisa and facebook Looks like you are doing some really exciting stuff. Cheers!

  3. deborahdrake says:

    Funny, I “meant” to save this as a draft to fill in the story later after my conversation with Kim Pearson of Primary Sources, who is author, editor and ghost writer peer I am collaborating with. But for now I will leave the Title sans Body Copy with the following question:

    Whatever does this mean to me and you, dear Reader?

    Was it merely a Freudian slip or was creative and authentic brilliance seeking to express itself uniquely?

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