There is Value in Writing Your Story

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Authenticity, Core Values
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Once upon a time I wanted to be an author. Fact is: this is still true. Fact is: I am.

My love of writing has been deep within me since childhood and has very humble beginnings. It all began with a Hallmark Diary.

Age nine, Christmas included the gift of a Hallmark Diary that “locked.” A pretty pink and green plaid cover, a brass lock and key and fresh blank pages to record the highlights of my days and my secrets. Naive me thought that lock made it secure (smile.)

My 10 year old daughter loves the same compact diaries with the locks (that could be torn asunder in two seconds, but that doesn’t occur to her as it didn’t occur to me at the same tender age.)

In high school, I had the memorable honor of interviewing the Editor of the Poetry Shell, AND had a poem published in the publication. The young journalist I was, was so nervous as we met at a Pacific Grove Coffee Shop for the interview.  I had no reason to be. It was fabulous and cemented my love of journalism for  I see it as all about telling a story; be it your own or that of another.

Fast forwarding to the college years, I can recall how I dreamed of being a professional writer, a published author, an important editor someday. So, as one who had to work to put myself through college, I signed up to work for the college paper–in any capacity I could.

Typesetter, Copy Camera Operator, Layout Artist, and occasional Feature Writer. It was heaven. I would do anything to keep myself in the writing game.

After college, I jumped into working for a publishing company and it was my work on the college newspaper that got me that first job of reprint coordinator, of all things. I learned how make a book by taking it apart enough to get typos corrected for future printings.

My work for a neighborhood newspaper in San Francisco also kept me sharp at interviewing people and telling their stories. Deb Drake, girl reporter, one friend lovingly nicknamed me years later. The people I interviewed fascinated me not so much because their stories were over the top, but because they were so willing to share themselves with me. I’ll always remember the sandcastle artist, the ceramic artist whose oversized coffee mugs I cherish, and the family whose son needed a bone marrow transplant and got it. Real stories of creativity and courage. We’ve all got ours as well, don’t we?

Publishing and Journalism has changed so much since the earlier days of my involvement, and now a sense of urgency we might have is easy to accommodate. And we can tell our own stories if we are inclined, willing and able.

The stories of the people and places I wrote about inspired me then and remembering them does so again. Each person has a story to share that will inspire another, I believe.

Writing one’s own story is many things.



A contribution to others.

A chance to impart learned wisdom be it business acumen or personal experiences that lead to growth and awareness.

If there is a story in you that wants to told, please share it.

And if you have trouble extracting it from yourself, by yourself, there are other ways to get that story out in the world. And it begins with asking for someone to witness your telling of it.  Then watch and listen how your story touches a nerve in that listener, that friend, that peer.

I bet if you asked for their feedback on the wisdom of your experience, you’d learn they are not the only one who’d benefit from the creation of a story–that others could then help them selves to reading.

Perhaps it’s an article or an ebook or a self-published work via the many user friendly self-publishing platforms. And if you need help in producing a quality piece, I hope you have the impetus to ask for it.

For it’s never been easier to share your inner wisdom and experiences that could impact one or many.

Here is hoping that story in you wanting to be told, is.

  1. Deb Drake-girl reporter, I like that. Everyone has a story and I like to discover what that story is. Since our group I have plenty of stories to discover. Thank you for being there every Tuesday.

    Happy New Year full of stories

  2. deborahdrake says:


    I am so glad that you have embraced “putting more of you” into your writing” as Darylene Dennon phrased it once in circle. For it is consistently true (for me) that when we write as ourselves, sharing the bits and piece of ourselves with others, that they might benefit from the story and the lessons learned, our readers do.

    We are the sum of our experiences, be they had with our environment or with others. And, my mission as a Writing and Marketing Coach and Consultant in 2011 is to inspire even more enthusiasm for Authentic Self-Expression…

    To be “being and doing” what I love “being and doing” NEVER feels like work…says I too the artist and author and purveyor of hugs that you know yourself to be.

    Stay tuned and tuned into what matters most. I await your next offering via anyone of your blogs!

    May Your Blessings Be Plentiful

  3. Deborah:
    A wonderful article. Having met you this year and coming to the writers group on Tuesdays. I never realized how important the story was. In opening the door to my story it haS opened other doors as well.

    We are the sum of our experiences and as we share them with others we find we have more in common than one would have thought on the surface. Getting your story out opens you up for more of life’s experiences.

    I can’t wait to see where this leads this year of 2011, I am looking forward to your first book. Cheers!

  4. Charlie Russell says:

    Deborah, thank you for sharing your story. I really enjoyed such an inspiring read especially on the eve of a New Year when I am trying to determine what are the stories inside. Your talent is exceeded only by your compassion for those of us that are struggling.
    Happy New Year. Charlie

    • Charlie,

      Thank you for your kind words and may I say, I have confidence you have as many stories if not more than I in you, and you need only give yourself permission to liberate them. When you can return on a Tuesday, please do. Or I am at your service at a time convenient for you!

      Happy New Year to You as well!

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