25 Things You Now Know About Deborah Drake, by Deborah Drake

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Authenticity
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I invite anyone reading this spontaneously written post to first enjoy reading it and then take on penning their own version of it, as an exercise in creativity, memoir and authenticity.

Kudos to a respected peer and friend, Margit Roshal Crane for her courageous list posted on January 3rd, that was for all its simplicity and directness, just that compelling.

To take inventory of ourselves and be transparent with others in writing, for me is a fine way to share ourselves courageously and perhaps inspire some courage in self-expression elsewhere.

So for that list that I can type as fast as my fingers will allow.

1. I am among the adopted children who were blessed with happy reunions, 12 years and counting. And loving that my mother is in my life and grandmother to my only daughter.

2. I behave like an only child for in some ways I am one: Being separated from my adopted sister at a young age.

3. When I was 11 years old I was so clear I wanted Scotland to be the first place I would travel to. (It was not, but I got there at 33 and traveled solo and loved it.)

4. I have honestly been keeping a journal since I was nine years old. And have all of my collection from age 11 forward.

5. At one point to maintain privacy (for I had a sneaky and disrespectful step-mother) I wrote my journal for a year in French.

6. I attended an all girls school and hated the summer uniform, that made even the slenderest person look like a mushroom.

7. I scored on four of five AP tests and entered college as a sophomore.

8. I was determined to be a translator and diplomat at 16 and let the nay saying college counselor rain on my parade. What I really wanted was to leave the US and live abroad.

9. I have a bucket list of places to travel with over 181 places on it that was penned a decade ago.

10. This Monterey, California transplant, misses the true sea fiercely, but can’t see moving from the lush PNW despite wishing I wasn’t so landlocked.

11. I have been squeeging my shower walls ever since a friend suggested it in 2004, saying it saved on cleaning time and reduced the mold factor. So true!

12. I must make my bed each day or at least before getting into it at night.

13. I walk six plus days a week at least 45 minutes and as much as two hours.

14. Since 2000 all I have drawn is trees that are very stylized.

15. I have been married three times and have vowed never again, but hey, who knows?

16. I once watched 11 episodes of Monarch of the Glen back to back when I had a weekend to myself.

17. Boiled red potatoes with a bit of salt is about as perfect as it gets for a snack.

18. I can’t stand pickles, dill, tarragon, sauerkraut, shredded coconut and raw onions.

19. I can think in haiku.

20. I write daily still and know it keeps me sane.

21. I’ve not gone on a shopping spree of any kind for myself since 1998, just that picky about clothes.

22. When my daughter was in kindergarten I promised her a trip to Paris that has yet to happen.

23. Once upon a time I could finger pick a guitar well.

24. I was a radio DJ in college and loved live and original Radio Theater as well.

25. I dreamed of going to McGill University in Montreal in Highschool and finally saw the campus briefly in 2008.

So, now do I go back and edit or re-order my list or let it be?

I think I will let it be and wish for myself the power to make happen this year all that I speak. For who I am is based in part on my past and depends now on my present intentions.

May 2011 begin with taking stock of what is past, briefly, before calling in what is to come next.

Clarity in Action is the theme of the year.  I imagine it is Simple and so IT is.

What’s on your list?

  1. […] – I couldn’t figure out how to post my first blog!  Thank God for people like Don Burrows and Deborah Drake who are willing to come alongside someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and give them a […]

  2. […] I couldn’t figure out how to post my first blog!  I thank God for people like Don Burrows and Deborah Drake who are willing to come alongside someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and give them a […]

  3. I’ve seen this done on Facebook, but have not done it myself, until now. I took your challenge and created a post for my blog, which I then repurposed into an ezine article and a speech at one of my Toastmasters’ clubs. It’s amazing how comfortable vulnerability feels when sharing without concern for reaction.

    Thanks for this kick in the seats to show up in a different and authentic way. Five fellow Toastmasters have now accepted my challenge to do the same.

    ~ Patricia

  4. Annie says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Charlie Russell says:

    Very inspiring post. I am going to do this list and hope I have your courage to share it. Thanks Deborah.

  6. marlinav says:

    Deborah…Like your transparency. I think “May 2011 begin with taking stock” could be number 26. Oh yah, you’re not editing. Got it. Thanks for sharing. M~

  7. Margit Crane says:

    Very interesting! If I’m not mistaken, one of John Michener’s books has someone who went to McGill and that sparked my own interest – until I saw how far away it was!

  8. John Davies says:

    Like this post. I am going to steal this format its so good.

  9. don burrows says:



    How many more facets are there?

    My guess is at least as many as there are stylized leaves on your trees. Or drops in the ocean you are missing.

    My guess is the trees are your surrogate ocean and since they are connected, you are as well.

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