Passions and Possibilities: What’s Love Got to do with IT? Everything!

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Dear Sue Zeal Oliver of Passions and Possibilities:

Thank you for having me on the show today to talk of Passions, Possibilities and Love.

I had a most delicious time dialoguing with you over what felt like a virtual cup of tea.

You have a way of showcasing people that is completely honoring.

Now I realize I am doubly blessed to be co-authoring a book with you that showcases the stories of over a dozen of the 100s of Passioneers you have interviewed in the past two years. Your dedication to interviewing your passioneers week after week is inspiring. Showing up like you do alone is motivating thought.

And we all benefit from the wonderful library of dialogues you are creating and maintaining. Conversations filled with hope, inspiratiion and vibrancy (one of your favorite words for good reason!)

Oddly I felt most nervous at the end of the call??? I wonder why…No matter.

My days of radio dj’ing came flowing back to me and to imagine the message that we c-created as we dialogued might be just what someone needs to here…

Now that is what I am all about.

I’m looking forward to tuning into the podcast and archived audio file for quite frankly I remember most of wh\at I shared, but I bet a nugget or two got overlooked and isn’t playback GREAT.

If you missed the live interview and wish to hear it, the link above will get you there.

May you gentle reader at large be blessed with having the ability to pursue your passions as the livelihood of choice.


  1. 300+ interviews you have under your belt and you continue to show up week after week. You are a marvel.

    The joy is mutual. The book that will accompany all those interviews and podcasts is also a wonderful journey and adventure to share with you.


  2. Hello Fabulous Lady Drake –

    It was MY honor to share your amazing gifts, talents, and YES…big Passions…with our audience. You and other Passioneers are why the heck I do what I do…am what I am (Popeye?).

    Radio is such a great vehicle for expressing oneself authentically, yes? In live shows, you can’t hide a thing…every burp, cough, dog bark, and nervous “ummm” comes through. How cool is that??!!

    Looking forward to sharing more and more about our passions and possibilities in the world. What a JOY!

    Peace, Sue

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