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For the past month, the Sunday morning talks at the Unity service I attend have centered around
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and it has continuously struck me that applying the simplicity of the Four Agreements to one’s writing is a natural extension of living them in one’s daily life.

Specifically the Four Agreements are:

Be Impeccable With Your Word.
Don’t Take Anything Personally.
Don’t Make Assumptions.
Always Do Your Best.

And there is also a Fifth to consider:

Challenge Your Assumptions.

Over the course of the next five or so entries, be prepared to (hopefully) be inspired to apply these sublimely simple suggestions to your writing, AND see how challenging it might also be.

And, if you take on the experiment of writing with these in mind, I suggest your writing will be alive and prompt more reader interaction, comments and you’ll experience deeper satisfaction as you write from your truest voice of the moment.

Are you game?


One Word: I am in love

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Authenticity

One Word.

Word Up. One word at a time.

If ever you, dear reader are stuck and need to shake yourself out of the funk, try out this site and its offering in the moment.

It is simple. It is effective. It is magical when we give ourselves permission to write freely to free our creativity. And this applies for our business writing as well.

It’s been a day of collecting lists/tips/best practices for my Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka writers…).

There are so many ways to cultivate authentic writing that the writer enjoys creating. And I still to this day, I feel I learned the most important one for myself back in high school and I got really good at it, really fast and to this day I love best of all to write as quickly as I can to loosen up and let the flow have its way.

What a brilliant concept. To just respond to one word.

I could write a whole book springboarding off one word at a time.

In fact, I am.

Deborah as Word Cloud

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wordle: Authentic Writing Provokes

Is this a GREAT quote or what?

It is a comment from a reader of this “World Famous” blog…perhaps you know her story?

Shauna James Ahern is a resident of Vashon, WA; making her a local for those of us in the Greater Puget Sound.

Among her media accolades are the following:

1 of 50 best food blogs in the world (The London Times, UK)

1 of’s favorite food sites in the world

1 of 20 best blogs by and for women in the world (Sunday Telegraph, UK)

1 of the best food blogs in the world, as named by, December 2008 (This list was linked to by The New York Times, as well)

Best Food Blog with a Theme in the World, 2005 Food Blog Awards

Notice a theme here?

Local Girl gets Globally Known for Writing about her real life experience and lives to tell about it. Sharing shows caring I say. And she started a wave that continues to resound in the world of food blogging and wellness where gluten intolerance is concerned. The point is she shared herself through the magical and immediate medium of “blogging.”

She wrote her story from a place of passion and conviction and quiet enthusiasm and then it became her livelihood.

Have faith that if you write from that place in you, what you want to support you as your livelihood CAN and WILL.

Our great moments of crises be they about identity or health or relationship or professional life ARE opportunities.

Current communication technologies allow for us to reach more than we may ever know and some who will let us know we touched their lives.

My invitation to all who would hesitate to blog or write of their life and work and learnings is this:


Stretch yourself to be forthcoming.

Try transparency.

Keep it real.

It may attract you any number of things. Customers, peers, friends, ambassadors, and unknown opportunities to contribute to someone’s well-being.

What would you say in response if you received a comment like this from a reader?