One Word: I am in love

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Authenticity

One Word.

Word Up. One word at a time.

If ever you, dear reader are stuck and need to shake yourself out of the funk, try out this site and its offering in the moment.

It is simple. It is effective. It is magical when we give ourselves permission to write freely to free our creativity. And this applies for our business writing as well.

It’s been a day of collecting lists/tips/best practices for my Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka writers…).

There are so many ways to cultivate authentic writing that the writer enjoys creating. And I still to this day, I feel I learned the most important one for myself back in high school and I got really good at it, really fast and to this day I love best of all to write as quickly as I can to loosen up and let the flow have its way.

What a brilliant concept. To just respond to one word.

I could write a whole book springboarding off one word at a time.

In fact, I am.

  1. Andre says:

    That’s an interesting site. Hope the book you speak of unfolds to your liking…….

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