Must Love Dogs…or Cute Kids…or Both?

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Authenticity, Core Values, Truth in Advertising

“Kids and puppies go viral.” So says one dear writer friend of mine who keeps her finger on the pulse of what goes mercurial within Social Networks.

Is this true?

What other emotional elements trigger your compassion and enthusiasm to pay it forward?

And is it “fair” and authentic to travel on the coat tails of puppies, kittens and cute kids?

Of course, as a writer of the authentic, I strive to share my head and heart and HOPE that people resonate with my offering. As for adding bonus features and accessories such as timely news, and heart touching stories, I am all for it, if it really ties to my thought, my post, my message BUT I draw the line at adding extras that don’t belong.

Have you ever noticed how the original intention of writing shines through? At least it does for me. Perhaps I am at better at reading between the lines, because I read with the intent to do just that. I do this like second nature after all the years. And I tune into what messages clearly come through for me.

Please don’t sell out. Be Real. First with yourself. Then with others. It will work.

What’s the bottom line for me and what I strive to co-create with you?

Authentic Writing Provokes.

  1. Phil says:

    I am reminded of the commercial where guys have a business renting out cute puppies to other guys so they could pick up girls. Interesting how puppies easily create buzz, but there is no power in that buzz if there is nothing behind it. Having jazz in marketing is great, but it will absolutely fail if there is no true, deep substance behind it.

  2. karen floyd says:

    I love this message that was in the post.

    “Please don’t sell out. Be Real. First with yourself. Then with others. It will work.”

    If there were only 15 words I could use to deliver my message it would be these!

    thanks for championing Authenticity !


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