One Word: I am in love

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Authenticity

One Word.

Word Up. One word at a time.

If ever you, dear reader are stuck and need to shake yourself out of the funk, try out this site and its offering in the moment.

It is simple. It is effective. It is magical when we give ourselves permission to write freely to free our creativity. And this applies for our business writing as well.

It’s been a day of collecting lists/tips/best practices for my Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka writers…).

There are so many ways to cultivate authentic writing that the writer enjoys creating. And I still to this day, I feel I learned the most important one for myself back in high school and I got really good at it, really fast and to this day I love best of all to write as quickly as I can to loosen up and let the flow have its way.

What a brilliant concept. To just respond to one word.

I could write a whole book springboarding off one word at a time.

In fact, I am.


Deborah as Word Cloud

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wordle: Authentic Writing Provokes

Is this a GREAT quote or what?

It is a comment from a reader of this “World Famous” blog…perhaps you know her story?

Shauna James Ahern is a resident of Vashon, WA; making her a local for those of us in the Greater Puget Sound.

Among her media accolades are the following:

1 of 50 best food blogs in the world (The London Times, UK)

1 of’s favorite food sites in the world

1 of 20 best blogs by and for women in the world (Sunday Telegraph, UK)

1 of the best food blogs in the world, as named by, December 2008 (This list was linked to by The New York Times, as well)

Best Food Blog with a Theme in the World, 2005 Food Blog Awards

Notice a theme here?

Local Girl gets Globally Known for Writing about her real life experience and lives to tell about it. Sharing shows caring I say. And she started a wave that continues to resound in the world of food blogging and wellness where gluten intolerance is concerned. The point is she shared herself through the magical and immediate medium of “blogging.”

She wrote her story from a place of passion and conviction and quiet enthusiasm and then it became her livelihood.

Have faith that if you write from that place in you, what you want to support you as your livelihood CAN and WILL.

Our great moments of crises be they about identity or health or relationship or professional life ARE opportunities.

Current communication technologies allow for us to reach more than we may ever know and some who will let us know we touched their lives.

My invitation to all who would hesitate to blog or write of their life and work and learnings is this:


Stretch yourself to be forthcoming.

Try transparency.

Keep it real.

It may attract you any number of things. Customers, peers, friends, ambassadors, and unknown opportunities to contribute to someone’s well-being.

What would you say in response if you received a comment like this from a reader?

Has anyone ever given you one?

And if so what did it promise you?

I was having a conversation with a professional friend today who told me a fascinating story about a use of an I.O.U.

It got me thinking.

When was the last time you gave an I.O.U and did you mean it?

Recently, this “journal writer” spent four glorious weeks in a class I would take over and over again.

Monday mornings my ritual for the last four weeks was an 11am pot of tea with three other students of the craft of writing and one FINE facilitator.

We can’t return enough to explore the basics and the most simple and exquisite writing exercises. One could warm up morning after morning and the written product will never be the same.

A simple launching point could reveal a great idea for a new blog post, a story, an article, or the focus required for some business writing that we might be procrastinating about. The warm up is the starting point and then comes the clarity we so desire and the creativity is again free to flow.

I feel…

I am..

I hear..

I see…

I think…

I wish…

When we just begin and keep that pen moving and dig a little deeper minute by minute we have no idea what we might capture.

And then there is the sharing…

We are all so critical of ourselves BUT boy is it easy to give honest kudos to another writer.

The next time Kim Pearson of Primary Sources offers to teach this four week series, I’ll be singing her praises as the teacher/facilitator she is and invite those I know who crave to write juicy and free and on point and discover how good a writer they actually are. Or let your peers tell you how they here your writing.

I loved the writing exercises that were part of all the years of my elementary and middle and high school years and quite frankly I can’t remember why I stopped.

So, I created yet again a way to support myself and others that I am most excited about.

Stay tuned and tune in when you have the joy of writing with others.

Sue Zeal Oliver of Passions and Possibilities has a way of bringing out the best with ease in all those she invites to be interviewed.

Are you a Passioneer? She’d love to hear from you too!


SZO: What Tips Do You Have for Budding Passioneers to Cultivate Authentic Self-Expression through Writing?

Practice. Practice. Practice.
Find a trusted friend to critique, work with, edit and give honest feedback as you develop your voice and transparency.
Read other good writer’s stuff and try what appeals to you if only once.
Carry a blank book with you at all times to capture moments that deserve to be remembered and shared.

SZO: What Resources Do You Recommend for Budding Passioneers in this Area?

Any and all Natalie Goldberg Books: Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind offer great exercises to cultivate your writing muscle.
I can’t say enough about what a friend writing has been to me in my darkest hours and my finest moments.

What could a dose of Authentic Writing and Self-Expression bring into your life?

Dear Sue Zeal Oliver of Passions and Possibilities:

Thank you for having me on the show today to talk of Passions, Possibilities and Love.

I had a most delicious time dialoguing with you over what felt like a virtual cup of tea.

You have a way of showcasing people that is completely honoring.

Now I realize I am doubly blessed to be co-authoring a book with you that showcases the stories of over a dozen of the 100s of Passioneers you have interviewed in the past two years. Your dedication to interviewing your passioneers week after week is inspiring. Showing up like you do alone is motivating thought.

And we all benefit from the wonderful library of dialogues you are creating and maintaining. Conversations filled with hope, inspiratiion and vibrancy (one of your favorite words for good reason!)

Oddly I felt most nervous at the end of the call??? I wonder why…No matter.

My days of radio dj’ing came flowing back to me and to imagine the message that we c-created as we dialogued might be just what someone needs to here…

Now that is what I am all about.

I’m looking forward to tuning into the podcast and archived audio file for quite frankly I remember most of wh\at I shared, but I bet a nugget or two got overlooked and isn’t playback GREAT.

If you missed the live interview and wish to hear it, the link above will get you there.

May you gentle reader at large be blessed with having the ability to pursue your passions as the livelihood of choice.